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This is a closed species, only close friends can create.

Rayr by XxSyl
    Origin Location: A far off within our own planet there is a series of floating islands. Containing the basic human life. A weird Mix of dragons or other winged creatures. Which the government labeled the species  "WI-286," due to the little information they have of of them and on how much different each one is.  
    Terrain: Full of green basic long grass,with colorful flowers. High above the thick clouds, their bodies aren't as well as shaped like the people on the ground. Due to extreme cover up from the thick clouds. Their land can get really hot at times, yet cool enough to have life. 

    Cities and Towns: Large tall iron- old fashion buildings with wide open glass windows. They are cities with in the sky floating due to their wide advanced technology.☆Rayr's mostly live in a realm of clouds  Which is called Empire of Crystal.

How did they came to be?

    Rayr's where the first thing on the planet, as they are the ones who created all the animals and series of different plants on earth. Derived from their own DNA. As each Rayr has every piece of DNA at work in their bodies. But only a few are control-able, and shown in appearance. Humans where created from these creatures, as everything else was. Yet; they became control freaks with the land. Basically killing each dragon as they developed; hating them from how they are too much of difference.
So the dragons flied from there art of works, leaving the humans be. Let everything on earth be alone without the "gods" to help create more. 
    As the humans developed they forgot all about the dragons- the supernatural being real. They thought of it as stories, and creating stories about how the world started in their own eyes and thoughts. Never knowing the truth. 

    Sooner or later, the Rayr's started to become insane inside, as little did they know. They created something each and everyone can not live without. Their other half. 
As now a Rayr will wait and search for there mate, "other half" until the day they die
Leading most humans be their "Mates." As they had too much of a connection with the few humans who carried such little blood they had left the creators.
Since the Rayrs mated with other Rayrs, and are loyal, just like how dogs are, just like how penguins; they mate with one forever. If the other dies. They kill themselves as they always blame it on themselves that they where not powerful to protect their other half. 

    Sad thing about Rayr's- Its ALWAYS A FACT, that their mates are the EXACT opposite of themselves. 
Example say a dragon finds their mate, and they are boasting- loud- has a mouth of a sailor.
Their Mate would be- quiet, shy, never cusses.

How do mates work?

Mates work like this.

  • If a dragon makes eye connection with someone that is their mate (Another supernatural). A small amount of electricity sparks through their body as if being shocked by metal, each parties will understand and try and make it work. Being head over heels in puppy love. But that doesn't mean it'll work out at the end. 

  • If a dragon mates with a Human- That is completely different, as they are their creation. So they will look up to the humans as their, "Masters." Being a slave to whatever they command. But as humans are unknowing of the spark and the species. Humans and act in whatever matter they would like to. But the Dragon will always comeback, following, trying to earn their love. Trying to step inside the humans' heart until they are accepted. 

The official mating process;

 Every Rayr will mate the same- with the supernatural or with humans. They're two steps, only two, until both parties are marked with a special tattoo which never comes off.

Step one: "Getting in the same bed." If you know what I mean. Or another term, "Sexual Intercourse."
    This step will allow each-other to feel their faint emotions, leading the two work more well with each other. Now knowing what the other is feeling. Pain in the heart-Sadness from the mind- The feeling of pressure being in the spot light.

Step Two: One of the supernatural will bite the other on the upper part of the neck, in-taking the other's blood. But one wrong move, and the one being bitten will instantly die of blood loss. As the bite mark is high up next to important blood vassals in the body that leads to the brain.
    This step will allow both parties to read each other clearly. To tap into each other's minds and know what the other is thinking, to feel the same pain as the other. As they are so much connected to each other, they feel their lover's body as their own. As a human can develop supernatural powers as a gain from it. 



Commonly found:
☆Rayrs have wings or tails, sometimes both;Cannot bare children from basic "humans"; k9 Fangs; Bat like; fox like; cat like;

Horns; massive wings; bird like wings; A little bit of glow in eyes or wings, having animal like ears or any parts of the body; dog like; 

Their eyes, wings, and tails glow bright in the night, Black feather wings; "Fallen angels", Prince/Princess like; Hellhound like; can maintain more of a stronger human like appearance (Have nothing appear). 



Yes, some ☆Rayrs do indeed have powers, depending on the DNA coding that is the strongest. 

    Common Powers;
Lighting; (any color) Fire; Ice/frost; Anti-Gravity Manipulation; Illusions; Planets; water control/ any element control.

    Uncommon Powers;
Feed off of people's emotions; Drain away the blood of a person( anyone) Control the wind; Summoning ; Dark magic; Can appear from the shadows; Going back in time for a short time.  

    Rare Powers;
  Gain another power from drinking another supernatural (temp); Phase-Jumping; Sonic sound; Low Feq. Sounds (vibrate); Freezing people around them (Time); 

Male ref. Coming soon

Female ref. Coming soon
Yet to make clearer and to add more powers.
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